Why Should You Love To Travel?

JND on an Outlook in Ireland
JND on an Outlook in Ireland
JND – Outlooks in Ireland

18 Countries, 18 states, more hours on planes than is probably healthy, and countless memories later; I have developed a large experience in and a deep love of traveling and I hope that you will come to love it too!

When one hears the word travel, so many possibilities come to mind. For some, it can bring up memories of priceless family trips, and for others, it conjures to mind dreams about that one place that they’ve always been dying to go to.  To me traveling means a new place, with new people, and a new culture just waiting to be explored. I think the best think about traveling is that with it comes an experience that you will never forget.

From a very young age, I have always loved to travel. This love was inspired by a very generous set of grandparents who wanted to instill in us the so-called “travel bug” as soon as they could. Being avid travelers themselves they have always believed that traveling could provide so many benefits. They are not alone in this, as there are numerous studies out there that prove that traveling is not only good for you it can also actually even improve your overall health!

One article done by NBC News says that traveling can make you healthier, relieve stress, enhance your creativity, boost overall happiness and satisfaction, and even lower the risk of depression. With all of these as support, why would anyone choose not to travel? I do admit that not everyone will always have the perfect travel experiences, but often most issues from one trip can be fixed the very next trip by a brand new location and just a little extra effort when it comes to planning the little details. When done right traveling to a new destination can be one of the best experiences out there. There nothing like getting to a new place, exploring it for the first time, and learning something new that you were never expecting.

As my passion for traveling is so strong I thought that it would be the perfect topic to dedicate to this blog too. I hope to share with you all not only the importance of traveling but to discuss some of the other aspects of traveling as well!

4 thoughts on “Why Should You Love To Travel?

  1. My husband and I sold our home in 2013 and have been traveling ever since. I can HIGHLY recommend it. Best wishes with your new blog. I hope it can be a creative outlet for you, bring you joy in sharing, and introduce you to others. ~ JJ


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