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DIS and Curriculum

DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia


While abroad I took these five classes:

-Core Course: New Media and Changing Communities

-Danish Language and Culture

-Ways of Seeing: Storytelling through Photography

-Stolen Childhoods: Migrant and Refugee Children and Europe

-Religion and Politics in Europe

Each of these classes reflects a key interest for me, both personally and academically, and allowed me to develop my abilities further in each of these spheres of interest!

A Core Course: New Media and Changing Communities

At DIS, the academic program is structured so that students are placed in a “core class” their choosing. Often these classes specifically line up with the student’s field of study that they are pursuing at their home university. With each core class students will participate in both a core course week and a long week study tour.

During my time here I was a part of the core class, New Media and Changing Communities. The class took an indepth look into the way that media and technology have become intertwined into the personal, professional, and cultural aspects of our lives as a society.

In September, I joined my class in both a two-day seminar here in Copenhagen and then a two day trip to Malmo, Sweden. During the course of the week, we meet with companies, organizations, and experts in the field to learn and discover, as well as analyze this intriguing subject.

Later, at the end of October, we traveled as a class to Brussel, the capital of Belgium. There we spent the week immersing ourselves into the culture of the, and the perspective that this city holds on the idea of “new media”.

Finally, for this class, I was elected to fulfill the Class Representative position for this class! In this role, I acted as the go to the member for my classmates to contact with any question, comments, or concerns about the class. Along with my other fellow class representative, it was our duty to bring these to the attention of both our course instructor and DIS Academic Administration Faculty members. This position allowed me to exercise the PR and Communications skills that I have been learning through my majors.

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