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Stepping Outside: Tales of Country Hopping Abroad

During my time abroad in the Fall 2019 Semester, I was able to visit 10 countries including my host country of Denmark.


Our first venture outside Copenhagen was to Helsinki, Finland. Wanting to balance typically tourist locations with unconventional destinations for study abroad students, Helsinki was the perfect location to get use to country hopping while abroad in Europe.


Essentially only a stone throw away from Copenhagen, Malmo was the first of three locations that I would visit with my New Media and Changing Communities class.


I visited Germany twice while abroad. Traveling once to munich to attend the infamous Oktoberfest and once to Berlin to visit a old friend who was completing his own semester abroad.


Coming from a very strong Polish background, I have always wanted to visit the land in which my slavic roots come from. I will forever be thankful that I was able to make this trip with my grandmother by my side, able to experience firsthand the land of Stella, our families matriarch.

Settling on krakow as our city of choice, we were able to take in its historical past while also taking day trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Czech Republic

Prague. Oh Prague. We did not have an easy start to what was supposed to be a birthday vacation for me and my fellow travel mates. After such an adventurous first start, prague turned out to be an excellent city with great history and fabulous architecture to boot. Plus, what other city can you find beer that’s cheaper than water?


Brussels and Ghent would be the second and third locations that I would visit with my New Media and Changing Communities class.


Edinburgh, Scotland will leave you speechles. Having visited Irleand in 2017, I have since been a whole hearted lover of Celtic countries.


No study abroad trip is complete in my opinion unless you travel to Budapest. It is a historic but incredibly lively city, that has both the energy and the ticket price that is perfect for any student traveling on a budget.


Milan was our last destination outside of Copenhagen and it was a truly indulgent trip. Inspired by my travel partners extremely Italian Background, we decided that it would be simply tragic if she wasn’t able to experience this country and more importantly its food for herself! This was my personal second trip to Italy, having visited both Venice and Rome back in 2012.

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