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The Best Of Copenhagen

Discovering everything Copenhagen is an incredible journey in and of itself. There are a million places to see, eat, and of course capture beautiful photos of if you know where to look. Equipped with advice from past students and new advice some from friendly I was able to visit many of these said places. It also did not hurt that in its entirety Copenhagen is a very easy city to navigate and it is home to some of the best transportation systems (for those of you like me who are not accustomed to riding a bike!)


Nyhavn is arguably the most iconic spot in all of Conhagen. Every tourist (and many locals too) who visit this harbor all come to take a picture with the famous colored buildings in the background. In addition to getting an infamous photograph Nyhavn is also a great place to grab a boat tour (which leave pretty much every hour), food at one of the many restaurants, or if you are there at christmas time, to see the elaborate markets!


Rides at Tivoli

Ah Tivoli. It was an adrenaline junkies dream to go to school essentially across the street to one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Naturally being the thrill seeker that I am, I could not help but purchase a season pass for my time in cope, but I can easily assure you that it did not go to any waste.

By the end of my time abroad I can proudly say that my friends and I visited the park during every season (they transform the park for Halloween and Christmas) rode almost ever ride they had (even the kiddie rides) and tried as many danish delicacies that I could!

Delicious Eats

During my time in Copenhagen I was slightly disappointed to find out that Denmark does not have a very large authentic food culture. Fortunately enough for the foodie in me to combat this Copenhagen plays a will host to pretty much any other cuisines you can think of.

Reffen Food Truck Park Entrance
Reffen Food Truck Park

Reffen is a seasonal food truck park that is a must visit if you are visiting when it is open. During our time my friends and I tried as many of the trucks that we could, with the Nepalese and Filipino Street Food trucks being my personal favorite!

During its season Reffen also hosts a variety of musical performances and is overall an amazing place to grab a drink, hang out with friends and take in the positive atmosphere.


Fresh Danish Strawberries for sale at Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

Torvehallerne, which is also affectionately known as the Glass Market, is another fabulous food option in Cope. Split into two buildings with season vegetable and fruit stands in the middle, the glass market is host to restaurants, artisanal products and as well distributors of meats, fish, and baked goods.

Hidden Gems

The City of Copenhagen is home to many different points of interest if you have the time to do a little exploring and find them for yourself. Here were some of my favorites:

Island Brygge
Island Brygge in August
Island Brygge in August

For the few months of summer that Copenhagen actually has, it can get surprisingly warm! Much to my surprise it is apparently a local tradition to spend these precious days lazing down by the canals. As a city that takes great pride in its sustainability and environmental efforts, the canals of copenhagen are pure enough that one can enjoy the cool waters worry free. One of the favorite spots of local is known as Islands Brygge, a sectioned off part of the canal that is open to the public for swimming and lounging all summer long.

Amager Strandpark
JND at Amager Standpark

Another place to beat the heat is out on the beach! Denmark in its entirety is an island and Copenhagen specifically is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. A trip to Amager Strandpark is essential if you are looking to take in the ocean air and maybe even jump in the water. Beware, however, even at the peak of summer a jump into the Baltic Sea is not for the faint of heart!

The Gals at Kaffesalonen

Kaffesalonen is this adorable restaurant that is home to a fleet of paddle boats. During our stay we visited this little spot twice actually, once for the novelty of riding the swan shaped paddle boats and again for a DIY picnic upon on of their 4 person boats.

Looking For More about Copenhagen?

I love nothing more than to talk about this home away from home. If there is something more you would like to know about the places above, or, if you are looking for something else, feel more than free to drop me a note!

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