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Travel Along – Photo Gallery

Acadia, Maine

  • Sand Beach in Acadia National Park
  • Ocean Path
  • Pine Cones along the Ocean Path
  • Ocean Path
  • Rocks at the end of the Wonderland Trial
  • Wonderland Trial
  • Rock Sculptures at Wonderland
  • Sieur Des Mont Trails
  • A Mushroom along the Sieur des Mont
  • Vegetation along the Sieur Des Mont
  • Northeast Harbor Marina
  • Flowers in Bar Harbor
  • The Shore Path in Bar Harbor


  • JND in front of Antigua Clock Tower
  • Central Park of Antigua, Guatemala with Cathedral de San Jose in the background
  • Accommodations in Chichi
  • Wall Art in Chichicastenango
  • Volcanoes of Lake Atitlán from a boat view
  • Property of IMAP
  • JND in Guatemala Traditional Dress
  • JND in front of Lake Atitlán
  • View of Guatemala City Cathedral from adjacent park

Prague, Czech Republic

  • Prague Clock Tower in the main square of old town Prague
  • Garden at the Entrance to the Complex of Prague Castle Hill
  • JND looking out at Prague Castle Hill
  • View of Cathedral on Prague Hill
  • Cityscape of Prague from Castle Hill
  • Prague Canalway
  • Terin Tower in Prague, Czech Republic

Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest: Munich, Germany

  • Oktoberfest Entrance/Exit on the Therese Fairgrounds
  • Festanation Tent Village Camp 2
  • Jordan Nicole Dunn, Rosie and Taylor waiting in line for Oktoberfest
  • The Trio Cheers inside HB
  • JND in a Oktoberfest Candids
  • JND and Tay in a Oktoberfest Candid
  • The Girls of Cope at Oktoberfest
  • JND in a HB a Oktoberfest Candid
  • HB Tent at Oktoberfest 2019
  • HB Beer at Oktoberfest
  • Giant Pretzel at Oktoberfest
  • The Girls Cheers!
  • Bavarian Hill at Oktoberfest
  • The Sign of Directions at Oktoberfest
  • The Swing Ride at Oktoberfest
  • JND and Tay at the top of the Swing Ride at Oktoberfest
  • Aerial View of Oktoberfest
  • Front entrance of Hofbrauhaus
  • New Friends at Oktoberfest in matching dirndls
  • Sunset Over the the Munich Metro Lines

Helsinki, Finland

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