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A Whirlwind Weekend in Historic Prague

I can proudly admit, that in all my years of traveling I have seldom had any misadventure in catching a plane. You can probably guess that this is not a story of one of those proud moment. Instead, this weekend started off with a high speed race, through the Copenhagen Airport. I must say hugeContinue reading “A Whirlwind Weekend in Historic Prague”

Rise and Shine: A Guide to Acadia National Park

Located on Maine’s Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park is a gorgeous expanse of both woodland and seaside views. An extended weekend was the perfect amount of time for an introduction to this pristine park and an excellent opportunity to work on my, well um rusty, photography skills. During our time in the park, myContinue reading “Rise and Shine: A Guide to Acadia National Park”

Meaningful Immersions: A Week of Culture in Guatemala

After having participated in an immersion trip with my college’s SIENA Serves Immersion Program last year to Jamaica, I jumped at the chance to go again. Yet, this time instead of being just a trip member I was entrusted to be a trip co-leader. Partnering with Augsburg Universities, Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE)Continue reading “Meaningful Immersions: A Week of Culture in Guatemala”

Discovering Munich: There’s a Germany Outside of Oktoberfest?

While many of our fellow study abroaders got outta dodge the Sunday morning of Oktoberfest, cheap airfare and a desire to explore a bit of authentic Germany kept my trio in Munich until the Monday morning after our Oktoberfest Marathon Saturday. Thankfully, Oktoberfest begins at the end of September, and we were granted a beautifulContinue reading “Discovering Munich: There’s a Germany Outside of Oktoberfest?”

Exploring Scandinavia: Gems of Helsinki, Finland

For our first adventure outside of Copenhagen, my group and I decided to follow our desire to explore some of the more untouched corners of the tourist world in Europe. Settling on a weekend in Helsinki, Finland, the two days we spend in the city was the perfect amount of time to be introduced toContinue reading “Exploring Scandinavia: Gems of Helsinki, Finland”

Surviving Oktoberfest: A Guide for Success

If it was not for countless research sessions paired with advice from friends, I don’t think we would have ever survived, let alone strived, through our journey through Oktoberfest. For all my fellow travelers, I thought I would pass on this learned wisdoms, so that other Oktoberfest goers can utilize them in the years toContinue reading “Surviving Oktoberfest: A Guide for Success”

Oktoberfest: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

5:00 AM Waking up in Tent City is everything one would expect. It was quiet, a bit chilly, and looked like the party had only ended an hour or two before. 5:15 AM As I walked two tents over to where the girls sleep. I found them bunking together (instead of in their separate, designatedContinue reading “Oktoberfest: A Marathon, Not a Sprint”

The Expected vs. The Unexpected: How I survived my first week abroad.

I had always thought about what life would be like when I went abroad. Looking back, I can now see that many of these thoughts usually surrounded the ideas of: playing tourist in my own city, jetting setting around the Europe on the weekends, and befriending Danish people at every available opportunity. Now, don’t getContinue reading “The Expected vs. The Unexpected: How I survived my first week abroad.”

4 Months, 3 Suitcases, 2 Weeks Worth Advised, 1 Notorious Overpacker

It’s not my fault I’m an over-packer, I swear. It’s a hereditary habit, for which I hold my mother accountable (and she knows it). And we’re not alone, my father’s an over-packer and so is my sister. Just to paint a quick picture for you, we are that family that looks like they are leavingContinue reading “4 Months, 3 Suitcases, 2 Weeks Worth Advised, 1 Notorious Overpacker”