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A Semester in Copenhagen, Denmark

Canals in Copenhagen Denmark
Christiania Canals

Velkommen! Welcome, All! My semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark was a chance of a lifetime. Yes, I do realize that may be one of the most cliche thing I could say, but nonetheless it is true.

As the biggest city in Denmark, Copenhagen is filled with so much to history to learn, streets to explore and people to meet.

Home Away From Home

During my stay I lived in what is known as a Kollegium. Essentially a Kollegium is like a large apartment building, that houses both Danish students and American study abroad student.

This Kollegium offered a large host of living set-ups depending on where in the building you were located. My favorite parts of the building was the large communal kitchen (though all suites had their own) and the communal rooftop patio. During my stay I utilized each numerous times as a way to meet up with friends!

DIS Copenhagen Semester

DIS is located along several blocks in the heart of the City

DIS: Studying Abroad in Scandinavia is a of 60 year old program that facilitates amazing opportunities for the students that partner with it. I was initially attracted to the program for two main reasons, the way they integrate study tours into their curriculum and the way that they acquire staff who are active experts in their fields. To read more on what exactly my curriculum was composed of while abroad, click here.

Becoming a Dane

JND in Copenhagen at lunch with host sister
JND with host sister

While I did not opt to complete a homestay while I was abroad, I was still able to get a taste of what living like a dane was like through my Visiting Host Family. For this program DIS partners with vetted families throughout the Greater Copenhagen area and matches them with interested students based on common attributes.

During my stay I was paired with a fantastic young family who I met up with several times during my semester abroad. Each time we met I was able to learn a little bit more about Denmark and Danish life as well as share with them tales from back home!

While there were many amazing things about this program, including but limited to joining them on a family day and learning how to roast Snobrød and celebrating what I affectionately call “Danish Thanksgiving”, my favorite thing most of all is that our connection did not end when the semester ended. To this day, almost a year later, I am still in contact with my danish family and that is the most amazing part to me.

Learning Hygge

Hygge at 'Danish Thanksgiving'
Hygge at ‘Danish Thanksgiving’

What is Hygge you ask? Well, simply put hygge can be described in many different ways. To some danes it seemed to mean, cozy. By that I mean place, persons, thing, or situation in which brings you a sense of comfort, warmth and security. To me, however, hygge seems to me any thing that brings you a sense of holistic happiness. No matter what its exact definition is once you witness hygge you will immediately understand why they call danes some of the happiest people in the world!

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