Discovering Munich: There’s a Germany Outside of Oktoberfest?

While many of our fellow study abroaders got outta dodge the Sunday morning of Oktoberfest, cheap airfare and a desire to explore a bit of authentic Germany kept my trio in Munich until the Monday morning after our Oktoberfest Marathon Saturday. Thankfully, Oktoberfest begins at the end of September, and we were granted a beautifulContinue reading “Discovering Munich: There’s a Germany Outside of Oktoberfest?”

Oktoberfest: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

5:00 AM Waking up in Tent City is everything one would expect. It was quiet, a bit chilly, and looked like the party had only ended an hour or two before. 5:15 AM As I walked two tents over to where the girls sleep. I found them bunking together (instead of in their separate, designatedContinue reading “Oktoberfest: A Marathon, Not a Sprint”

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