A Whirlwind Weekend in Historic Prague

View of Prague cityscape from atop Petrin Tower

I can proudly admit, that in all my years of traveling I have seldom had any misadventure in catching a plane. You can probably guess that this is not a story of one of those proud moment. Instead, this weekend started off with a high speed race, through the Copenhagen Airport. I must say huge thanks to, RyanAir, for both your cheap flights and steadfast home in the furthest most tucked away corner of every European Airport (kidding about the later)!

Exploring Prague

Once our trio had thankfully reunited in Prague, we set upon exploring what the city had to offer. We quickly found out that that included numerous, numerous hill tops.

The sites upon these hilltops, we would later find, are not to disappoint. As such, we dutifully made the trek up in the tram to explore the vast castle complex at the top.

Prague Rail Line
Prague Rail Line
Prague Castle Hill

The castle complex in Prague is home to a number of notable structures. These including St. Vitus Cathedral. Our journey to this site was accompanied by many interesting explanations and historical annotated, provided to us by our guide from the tour company Get Your Guide. After traveling all throughout Europe, GetYourGuide has become one of my favorite avenues in which to find well-priced tours while being abroad on a budget.

The Prague Canal Ways

Settled on the Vltava river, Prague is host to many canal ways and even more bridges. One of the most famous of which is the St. Charles Bridge. This pedestrian bridge is a sight to see both during the day and at night and during both is consistently filled with vendors, street performers, and one to many tourists trying to figure out which is the lucky statue that you just can’t leave without touching.

As proud as I am of my travel research skills, I was not able to definitively figure out which statue along the bridge was the right one, but I was told after the fact that the best way to figure out is to ask a local!

  • Jordan Dunn and friends on the St. Charles Bridge in Prague
  • St. Charles Bridge in Prague
  • Canals of Prague, Czech Republic
  • Wooden Area along the Canals of Prague, Czech Republic


The trek up to Terin Tower, though not a short one, is a beautiful journey. On our way up the hill, our trio stopped for lunch at this little mom and pop restaurant, that had a spectacular view and delicious food.

Once all the way to the top of the hill, we made it to Terin Tower which much to my surprise really did look like a mini Eiffel Tower. Unlike the Eiffel Tower, the Terin Tower had much fewer steps to the top and so we climbed, enjoying the views of the cityscape below as we went.

After taking in such a beautiful scene we very happily made our way down the hill…only to realize that a member of the trio had left her water bottle half way up the hill at our lunch time restaurant. Needless to say that this trip ended with as much of a bang as it started with…

~For more photographs of Prague, check of Travel Along’s Photo Gallery.

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