Discovering Munich: There’s a Germany Outside of Oktoberfest?

Jordan Dunn, Rosie and Taylor, outside of Munich Residenz

While many of our fellow study abroaders got outta dodge the Sunday morning of Oktoberfest, cheap airfare and a desire to explore a bit of authentic Germany kept my trio in Munich until the Monday morning after our Oktoberfest Marathon Saturday. Thankfully, Oktoberfest begins at the end of September, and we were granted a beautiful day in which to discover Munich the city!

A True Oktoberfest Departure

Thee beers complimentary of Festanation
Complimentary Beers from Festanation

A true Oktoberfest-style departure in my opinion would include nothing less than – a Morning Beer. Having forgone the complimentary drink upon our midnight arrival on Friday night, and having left before there was a worker even close to being in sight Saturday morning, our trio capitalized on this perk as we departed for our Sunday adventure into the city.

Next Stop: City Center

Munich Cityscape from the top of the Marienplatz tower
Munich Cityscape

No trip to any city would be complete without a stop to its very center. As what would become our usual M.O. for any following trip, we took the metro from our Tent City village lo-cal to the center of Munich. Upon our arrival we took in the sights of Marienplatz which is home to St. Peter’s Church and several other notable attractions. Naturally, we took also capitalized on the opportunity to travel up the tower in this famous square, to take in the views of the city. We were certainly not disappointed by the view at the top.

A Historic Pit Stop

Main Hall of the Munich Residenz
Great Hall, Munich Residence

I am a big believer that no trip to any city is complete without a little history thrown in. After leaving the fair, we decided to embark on a journey through both Munich’s and Germany’s past. Upon entering the Munich Residenz, the famous home of many a Bavarian ruler, we learned all about the palace and the history that happened inside and outside of its walls.

Though we could have stayed inside for many more hours, exploring all of the vast expanses that the palace had to offer, we decided to utilize the rest of our singular day in the city by exploring the world outside of the palace walls.

An Outdoor Surprise

Crowds at a Streetlife Festival on Odeonsplatz
Streetlife Festival on Odeonsplatz

Unbeknownst to us, Germany holds a Streetlife Festival two weekends a year, one of which happens in September. Luck was apparently on our side this trip as we were fortunate enough to not only stumble upon this festival but thoroughly enjoyed our time there. After sampling almost every offering each booth had to offer, scarfing down at least a pint or two of beer and inspecting many a trinket, we were happily satisfied with this unexpected surprise.

A taste of England…with a German Twist

Bridge in the English Gardens in Munich Germany
English Garden, Munich

After leaving the street market we continued onward to the infamous English Garden. Yes, yes there is an English Garden smack dab in the middle of Munich. While I have to say that it is a very picturesque escape in the middle of a popular city, be warned that it is not a place for the faint of heart. Not only were we surprised by such a luscious landscape to be found amongst a cityscape, but we were also a bit shocked to learn that the people of Munich are a more body positive people. Yes, yes by that I mean there really were a lot of nude sunbathers to be found in the park amongst all of the rest of the all-natural features of the park. But when in Europe…

Feasting, German-Style

  • Plum Pastry from the marienplatz metro station, Munich
  • Cheesy-Bread with Toppings of Bacon and Fried Onions
  • Barvarian Dinner of Duck, Mixed Meats, Potatoes and Gravy

No trip to Germany is complete unless you have…. tried basically all the food you come across. Our adventure of eating our way through Germany delicacies started from our very first step off the morning train until we finally admitted defeat and headed back to our tent village.

For a girl who made it her mission to “eat her way through Europe”, I can readily admit that the food in Munich might have been the best I had during my time abroad. From the plum pastry that I began my morning with, to the simplistic yet fulfilling cheesy bread at the street fair, to finally our authentic Bavarian-style sit-down dinner, I was truly stuffed.

From my stomach to Munich, Danke.

~For more photographs of Munich, Germany, check of Travel Along’s Photo Gallery.

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