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Surviving Oktoberfest: A Guide for Success

HB Tent at Oktoberfest 2019

If it was not for countless research sessions paired with advice from friends, I don’t think we would have ever survived, let alone strived, through our journey through Oktoberfest. For all my fellow travelers, I thought I would pass on this learned wisdoms, so that other Oktoberfest goers can utilize them in the years to come!

Planning Stages

  1. Note that Oktoberfest is not just one weekend- Spread out over the end of September and Oktober, with weekends being the most popular. Opening week all are welcome, but the second weekend is when the fall Study Abroad Students will be making their trip!
  2. Book early – The early you start planning the better. When I say early, I mean months in advance!
  3. Take out at least 100 Euro (or more) – You will pay for most things at Oktoberfest in cash, and this should be enough for the day. If you have extra you can use always use it on the next trip! 
  4. Bring little coins and bills for tips – Tipping is 10% and you will want to tip both the barmaids and bathroom attendants.
  5. Pair up with a friend and order drinks together – you will have one bill and then the other friend can just buy at the next tent- Trust me it’s a good game plan

Once You Are There

  1. Get in line for Hofbrau Tent by 7 AM – Yes this is completely necessary
  2. Wear layers! – October mornings in Germany are surprisingly chilly and Dirndls and Lederhosen do not provide much warmth
  3. Bring anything to pass the time in line- Cards will easily do the trick
  4. Don’t spend too much time in one tent, try to explore – Oktoberfest is huge!
  5. Order one drink from one tent, then go somewhere else – Pace yourself.
  6. If you get on the table – you have to finish your drink but security will also kick your ass out – so do it when you want to leave the tent

Need more advice?

The biggest piece of advice I can offer to make a trip to Oktoberfest a success is to remember that Oktoberfest is a marathon, not a sprint! Check out my own journey through Oktoberfest 2019 for more insight about what this means.

If you need even more advice, there are numerous sites that I found during my research that can provide what you are looking for. Check out the one I found that most helpful here.

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