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Why Copenhagen Denmark of All Place?

JND in front of Nyhavn in Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark City Scape from the top of the Round Tower
Views From the Round Tower

It was not that I would be studying abroad that came as a surprise to my family, I have been talking about doing so since I was realized college was going to be my next step. It was a surprise to them however, that Denmark of all places, was going to be my final choice of destination. You see Denmark was never a place that was ever on my radar.

When I was younger I imagined that I would end up studying in a place that was reputable in a tourist sense of the word, somewhere well known for its history or attraction, a must-see on every traveler’s to-do list. Naturally, when I was younger my thoughts would usually lead me to places like Madrid, Paris or London. However, the older I got the more I began thinking a little more outside of the box.

A little more insight on me might help to explain why this thought processes started to occur. I have been blessed in this life to have been placed in a family of travel lovers, one which includes a set of very generous grandparents. I was fortunate that this pair of travel enthusiasts wanted to ensure that I loved traveling every bit as much as they did. As a result, I have been to around 15 countries, numerous islands and have actually just arrived back from a two-week vacation in Greece.

Still, the question remains, why Denmark? At least that’s the first thing out of everyone’s mouth when the topic of my impending travels come up. And, as always, my first thought before I respond is, why not Denmark? Would they have the same look of curiosity if I had picked a place like London or Paris?

The simple answer, I suppose, is that it’s something different. I’ve just come back from Greece, I’ve been to Paris, and I know that one day I will make it to London. Yet, Copenhagen, Denmark is not someplace that I had ever really thought about going to and in all honestly didn’t have much desire to. Ultimately, I think that is what makes it perfect. I have no expectation, no preconceived notions about what it should be.

I have even done something I have never done before, I have barely researched a thing. Minus a recent attempt at learning the language (through some surprisingly helpful phone apps) my exposure on what this trip might bring has been limited. In whole, I have essentially only researched what the weather will be like, and the information on the DIS website; even leaving my Copenhagen guide book unopened. This you have to know is a huge step for me. As for in anticipation for my last trip I made a several pages long outline and even a spreadsheet Itinerary (trip planning is my thing if you couldn’t tell).

Yet, as the days until my departure are counting down the more I am confident that this is the way I am supposed to do this trip. Letting, whatever happens, happen. Well, for the most part at least.

Let the semester abroad begin!

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